The Keep on Bearding brand is brought to you from Vancouver Island, BC by Beardsman, Bryce Casselman. From humble roots handcrafting beard combs in his garage the Keep on Bearding brand was born. Since then we've developed into a lifestyle brand for bearded gentlemen worldwide. 

How it started...

What started as an ahha moment after browsing beard combs on Instagram quickly turned into an evening of scouring for wood in my garage. I had the grand idea of using some off cuts from our hardwood floor. The coming Saturday I rented a table saw and quickly realized engineered hardwood would be no good for combs...my vision was quickly crushed. With an extra days rental on the saw my Sunday involved tearing my garage apart again in search of some solid wood. That's when it hit me another ahha moment...my old skateboard would be perfect! I quickly chopped that sucker up and freestyled some shapes. My Beard Forks and a few other designs were cut to shape and I got really stoked to push forward with the idea. I put together an online shop and was back on my Instagram page posting my creations. Within the day I had may my first two sales! With these sales under my belt I turned to my skateboard industry friends for material stock and was greeted with a few stacks of decks. My ahha moment of handcrafting beard combs became a reality and Keep on Bearding was born!

Back on Instagram...

I was stoked to find other super talented craftsman doing the same thing with recycled skateboard plus much more. With so many rad ideas for beard combs, Instagram became somewhat of an inspiration. It also opened up a whole other door for myself as a Beardsman as I had no idea just how large the community of beard men really was. Not only did I create a brand on instagram but I found a whole brotherhood of Beardsmen known as the Bearded Villains. I was approached by the Vancouver chapter to join their ranks and since have made friends with gentlemen all around the world. Instagram is fantastic place to reach out in the community to network, build friendships and do business. Message me anytime to say hello or chat business!

Remember gentlemen... #keeponbearding and always #beardanddestroy

Kind Regards;
Bryce Casselman